6 benefits to be obtained from loneliness
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12 mai 2020

6 benefits to be obtained from loneliness

6 benefits to be obtained from loneliness

For a while in my life I lived alone in a foreign country (Mozambique), cut off from my family and friends, I remember that Christmas party when I was alone in front of my window watching families feasting and appreciating each other.
All I had to share was my room, my Bible and my books... During these moments I learned for the first time to think of myself, of my future, of God... I began to pray and pray.
I am a Christian and I attach a great importance to my relationship with God.

God needed this time in my life to reveal Himself to me. I had forced relationships so that I wouldn't be alone, but loneliness was overwhelming.
I needed this appointment with myself, away from everyone, away from the crowd.

Today I understand the validity of this experience. I don't know how I learned to select my relationships and even to pray in cold blood not to let my heart capsize in some relationships.
In 2016 I look back and realize that I have learned to know myself and to know exactly where I am going in life.

Many people are immersed in this century of speed or everything goes fast. The truth is that God speaks to those who lock themselves up alone and look for Him. You look for many solutions outside, in people, in circumstances, but the truth is that it is in calm and tranquility that your answers and solutions to the problems that undermine your life will come.

Here are 6 benefits of solitude:

1. Solitude allows you to answer existential questions...

The times of calm are times of reflection and search for the truth about ourselves. In the calm man thinks back to the 5 questions that weighs on the thoughts of all humanity: "Who am I? What is wrong with me? What can I do? Where do I come from? Where do I go?

These questions are the basis for a full and productive life for mankind on earth. Most people live without ever being able to answer these questions.

Result :

They exist but they don’t live. They melt in the crowd, into the system already pre-established by the society. A “school-work-sleep-wedding-children-bills-death” system.

Often at the end of their lives, they ask themselves “what have I done?” They feel like they achieved much besides the main goal : “the aim of their lives on earth”.

Loneliness allows someone to look for their creator, to cry to him in order to know who he is. God answers to those looking for him in the times of loneliness, in the times of silence and distress. I will never forget this verse that we often call the Holy ghost’s phone number :

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and will shew thee great things, and difficult, which thou knowest not.” Jeremy 33:33

2. Loneliness enables you to think and find ideas for your life

When you are alone left alone the creative power of your mind starts generating ideas. People ignore it but calmness and meditation of the word of God contained in the Holy Scriptures allows us to point out what’s hidden inside us. When you’re alone and far from distractions, ideas start coming in your spirit. Good ideas like bad ideas emerge and bit by bit while you’re writing them down, you have the beginning of a puzzle more or less clear of the direction that you will take in your life.

Everything starts with an idea. The phone or laptop that you’re currently using to read this article was at first an idea in someone’s head that this person turned into a product.

3. Loneliness enables you to read and to cultivate yourself

Reading is the mean by excellency to increase your knowledge, your wisdom and your intelligence. Those who read a lot often have a versatile vision of life compared to those who don’t. Loneliness times allow us to know if we have the good will to forge a solid overall culture and to lay the foundation for a specific knowledge (a specific thrilling area).

Nowadays, distractions are numerous and take men away from essential things like reading. Less and less people want to read while it is the secret way to succeed in life. Everything starts with collecting information in books for information is power. Loneliness allows that.  

4. Loneliness allows us to write

I remain convinced that everybody has a book inside of them that might serve their generation as an inheritance. I remain convinced that your pains, your failures and your victories are solutions for many in your generation and in the generations to come. When you are alone, you have the time to write, you have freedom to write down on paper what causes you frustration, what makes you cry, what thrills you, what fills you with energy.

During my coaching sessions, when we are to discover their talents, I advise people to write out every idea crossing their mind, I ask them also to write their autobiography.

It seems to be a tough work but once you draft the first sentences, you realize that revealing details begin to appear.

5. Loneliness protect us from bad relationships

An old saying says that it is better to be alone rather than badly accompanied.

Most of the emotional pains of human beings are the result of bad association or so relationships that went bad. In the context of romantic relationships I met more and more profile of people who don’t like to be alone. They can’t stand to hear their own voice, so they always put themselves in the middle of thousands of voices in nightclubs, in public places, in the crowd. The destiny of a man does not arise in the crowd but in secret, in solitude. There are people who cannot stand face to face with their mirror which is the true revealer of who they are. Many emotional wounds and soul ties are the result of a life that loneliness has ever been an option.

When we accepts to walk alone we limit the probability of having negative encounters.

6. Loneliness prepares us to live with other

Loneliness can help us to manage our person, to love ourselves, to find our mission, to find our strengths and our weaknesses, to appreciate ourselves as we really are. If we have not learned to live alone, it will be difficult for us to live with over people even less with the future spouse with whom we are supposed to share the rest of our day on earth. Not being able to bear loneliness is enough to reveal a malaise that we want to hide by mingling with the crowd or “the other” will never be equipped to cure our unhappiness. As a wedding photographer I have often seen during the exchange of vows, women express the need they had towards the other to be the one who was going to erase their unhappiness. It goes without saying that such relationships already carry in them the germ of their afflictions. However it is important to note that loneliness does not have only positive sides because it can suffer from certain disadvantages if it is poorly approached.

This will be the subject of a next article for now thank you for sharing this one if you have been blessed.

Be blessed

William Djamen

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Femme forte
Si vous pouviez savoir ce que ça fait d'être nourri par vos messages de destinée et de talents. Je n'ai pas les moyens de m'offrir vos formations mais grâce à vos vidéos vos écrits je suis boostée et de plus en plus mieux fixé sur qui je veux devenir dans Cette vie. Les relations familial(...) . J'ai voulu écrit un peu plus mais je me suis rendu compte que la limite de caractère était atteint.
Cet article est réellement intéressant. la solitude à certains moments de ma vie, m'a permis de répondre à ces questions "Qui suis-je? Qu'est ce que j'ai? Que Puis je? D'Où est ce que je viens? Où vais je?. Par la suite j'ai pu écrire des projets qui me venaient à l'esprit comme des idées me permettant d'enrichir ma carrière.
Très bel article. Merci cela me permet de confirmer ce qui me tenait à cœur de faire: m'isoler un moment me retrouver seule avec moi et mon Dieu seuls sans enfants sans famille autour. Cela n'est pas évident.

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